This blog is intended to bring insight and conversation to the popular
topic of nutrition. This blog is not intended to treat disease or any related
health conditions. Always consult your doctor first if you need advice or
help on your health.

Whole foods can be described as any food in its natural or purest form
or as closed to it as possible. Some of the whole foods categories are as
Fresh Fruit
 Fresh Meat such as red meat or white meat.
 Fresh vegetables
 Whole Grains
 Nuts
 Diary products such as eggs

These are some examples of whole foods. The trick comes into play on
human consumption and health. When looking at the human digestion
system we know that we need daily doses of macronutrients and

 Carbohydrates
 Fats
 Proteins
 Vitamins
 Minerals

Our body is very sensitive to the food we eat. Let us put some
perspective into the mix, if we stop drinking water just for half a day
our body picks up on this and responds accordingly. If we eat a huge
amount of food our body responds accordingly.
It is very well correlated in science that processed sugar in large
quantities over time is linked to metabolic dysfunctions such as
diabetes, obesity and even some cancers. The quality of nutrition that
you put into your body is the quality of health you will get back over
There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding nutrition, but it is
very safe to stick to a very well-balanced diet with good as quality
nutrition as possible.
Make sure you are getting a good balance of nutrition in your diet and
staying hydrated with water. Basically, in a nutshell quality over
quantity when picking your food at the supermarket. Go for more
nutrient dense food, that is as fresh as possible.

Your biggest investment is your health, so it well worth spending the
time, money and effort on what you put in your body. Have you ever
picked up a food item and just read the ingredients? It becomes very
There is sometimes 26+ ingredients to basic food such as processed
meat. Have you ever wondered what all the chemicals and other
unknown ingredients in your food is doing to your body? Plus add the
pesticides that is in a lot of our food. Is it really a wonder why the
cancer and metabolic disease rate is rocketing up?
Take a basic look at your frozen crumbed processed food item next
time you buy them and read the ingredients, then compare it to whole
fresh frozen chicken or steak in the meat section. It becomes obvious
that we are consuming way too many added chemicals to our bodies.
Whole foods are safe, and we know that we need to start paying
attention to the food we consume. Fresh and real nutrient dense food
will benefit you way more than high energy low nutrient dense food.
Eating whole real foods and supporting local farmers is great for our
economy and our bodies.

By: Matt Payne