Introduction: Whole Foods

Nutrition is a very hot topic at the moment. No matter where you are or where you go
you will hear some form of “health” information concerning the food you eat. I have
dived very deep in this, so I will cut a lot of the absolute garbage out for you guys.
Basically remember there are a few points you always have to bear in mind when
you take nutrition into account.

What are you eating?
How much of what you are eating?
Does your eating have a purpose
Are you thriving or surviving?

There are so many types of diets out there now. Keto, Banting, low carb, high carb,
and intermittent fasting, as well as many others. If you understand that the human
body is designed to function in a specific manner all this becomes very clear.

The number 1 killer in the world is heart disease and not far behind it is surprise …
surprise cancer. These numbers were different in proportion a 100 years ago. Lets
dig in.

We need nutrition daily, the better quality you get the healthier you will be. We know
this for a fact. Whole foods is where we will start and I believe where everyone
should start, then calories and other topics I believe should be addressed.
What you put into your body has a direct impact on your health. This is where I
believe we have failed as a society when nutrition is addressed.

We will unpack these topics in segments

Segments As Follows

1. Whole foods
2. Gut Health
3. Harmful chemicals in the food
4. Daily Habits
5. Vices in our diets and our environments.
6. Physical activity and how it relates to our health.

By Matt Payne